Tendam targets Gen Z consumers with new lingerie, swimwear label Hi&Bye

Tendam targets Gen Z consumers with new lingerie, swimwear label Hi&Bye

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Nicola Mira

Spanish retail group Tendam continues to diversify its brand portfolio. The group has launched Hi&Bye, a new underwear and swimwear label designed for Gen Z women aged 14 to 20. Hi&Bye will initially be commercialised by Women’secret, one of the group’s flagship retail chains, operating 70 stores in Spain and Portugal, and will also be available on the Women’secret e-shop.

Tendam is targeting Gen Z consumers with new underwear label Hi&Bye – Tendam

Eva Romeo, managing director of Tendam’s specialist segment, will oversee Hi&Bye’s operational running. She also spearheads Women’secret and the Dash and Stars brand, specialised in women’s sportswear.

“With this launch, Tendam has confirmed and broadened its capacity and experience in the fields of brand management and the development and promotion of new labels, as well as its position as springboard for niche brands with the potential to make a difference on the market,” said Tendam.

Creating new private-label brands is one of the mainstays ensuring the group’s growth, as part of the Tendam 5.0 strategy. Hi&Bye is the 11th brand in Tendam’s portfolio, following the relaunch of Hoss Intropia

As the group indicated at the presentation of its results for the first nine months of fiscal 2022-23, the five brands that have been added to Tendam’s portfolio since 2021 “have performed above expectations, recording a positive EBITDA right from their first year in business.”

In the first nine months of fiscal 2022-23 (from March 1 to November 30 2022), Tendam’s revenue increased by 8.6% to reach €840 million. In parallel, the group’s online sales grew by 15.4% over the same period in 2021, and by as much as 126.3% over 2019. At the end of November, online sales accounted for 18% of Tendam’s total revenue.

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