EU Cracks Down on Big Tech with Stringent Digital Markets Act

**Brussels, Belgium – March 16, 2023** – The European Union has implemented the groundbreaking Digital Markets Act (DMA), a comprehensive set of regulations aimed at curbing the dominance of large technology companies and fostering a fairer digital landscape..

**Sweeping Measures to Rein in Big Tech**.

The DMA, which took effect on November 1, 2023, introduces a wide range of measures designed to address the concerns raised by the European Commission over the market power and anti-competitive practices of Big Tech companies..

Key provisions of the DMA include:.

* **Prohibition of self-preferencing:** Online platforms are barred from giving preferential treatment to their own products or services, ensuring that third-party businesses have equal access to the market..

* **Interoperability requirements:** Platforms are required to make their messaging services interoperable with other providers, allowing users to communicate across different apps, thereby promoting competition and innovation..

* **Gatekeeper designation:** Companies designated as .

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