Two philanthropic initiativesâThe Fashion Trust US and Red Club x Cartierâannounce 2023 award plans

Two philanthropic initiatives—The Fashion Trust US and Red Club x Cartier—announce 2023 award plans

Tis the season when it comes to giving out awards. As businesses begin to wind down in 2022 and gear up for the following year, two fashion and luxury prize-based efforts revealed their program for 2023.

Tania Fares – The Fashion Trust

After announcing its first US board members last February, The Fashion Trust US, or FTUS, has announced the Advisory Board for its first annual Fashion Trust Awards 2023 for American designers. Taking place in March in Los Angeles, the awards provide mentorship and funding for emerging US brands. The organization plans to have a permanent presence and prize ceremony annually in addition to its UK and MENA chapters.
Led by co-founder Tania Fares, the board includes former InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown, Anne Crawford, media personality Tan France, Haper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Samira Nasr and celebrity stylist Karla Welch. These fashion luminaries will be joined by advisers Mike AmiriFernando GarciaOscar de la RentaMonseProenza SchoulerHudson
Previously the trust partnered with the CFDA in 2018 and, in 2020, awarded five American designers—Aisling Camps, Charles Harbison, Sergio Hudson, Sami Miro, and Omar Salam of Sukeina—funds raised by the FTUS. The partnership dissolved as the CFDA focused efforts towards social issues affecting fashion that same year. The first iteration did not include an awards ceremony.

Bethann Hardison, Sergio Hudson, Samira Nasr, Stephanie Horton, Laura Brown – The fashion Trust

Applicants can participate in ready-to-wear, jewelry, graduate awards, sustainability, and diversity categories, the latter are new awards sponsored by Platinum Sponsor for the 2023 US prize, GoogleWinners
“One aspect of the FTUS Awards unique to the United States is the focus fully inclusiveness or genderless collections,” Fares said over emailing, emphasizing the new awards from its Platinum Sponsor. “The US prize also focuses on climate and environmental concerns with the Google sustainability award, and further with the Google diversity award for brands fully diverse in all aspects of their businesses.”
The project elicited support from various board members and advisors. The new US chapter is receiving full support from West Coast founding donor’s jeweler Jacquie Aiche, Tyler Ellis, daughter of Perry EllisJuicy Couture

“Having worked with Tania Fares on the Fashion Trust in the UK and MENA region, I am thrilled about its expansion to the US and the opportunities it will open for American designers. As an ardent supporter and mentor of talented young designers, I value organizations that promote creativity, innovation, and ethical practices respectful of both people and the planet,” said Fashion Trust US Advisory Board member, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Carmen Busquets.

“There are initiatives to give a platform to designers of color, but never too many. Each offers something different and perhaps even more than the other. Tania Fares has brought her platform to the USA. I’m happy to be on this board lending my expertise and exposing design brands I think are worthy to benefit from Fashion Trust US,” added Fashion Trust US Advisory Board member, luxury brand consultant, and fashion advocate Bethann Hardison.
While some could argue the US is already way ahead of other fashion regions in terms of emerging talent support, Fares sees room for more.“Everyone needs support; this is why I am still very involved in the UK as the co-chair at the BFC Foundation Charity to help support designers and the co-chair of Fashion Trust Arabia, which supports young designers in the MENA region, “ she continued adding,I have a passion for emerging talent, and after having spent time in the US, I discovered so many incredible US designers, which is what inspired the launch of Fashion Trust US.” 
In a similar mood, CartierRED

The theme of the upcoming contest is “Bettering Lives,” which recognizes health as both an essential and a luxury in current global dynamics. Recent challenges to health care and the continued lack of access to safe health care in both first and third-world countries highlight the need for innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs engaging in philanthropy aspire to challenge the status quo of the current global healthcare system, taking on the responsibility to improve humanity’s well-being.

Young Leader Award – Red Club x Cartier

Last year’s inaugural award under the theme of “Building Bridges” was granted to Weihua Wang, founder of myBuddy, and Sahar Mansoor, founder of Bare

The award is spearheaded by the North American RED CLUB chapter, a convergence of Cartier and its global entrepreneur community founded three years ago with the idea that these leaders can support emerging leaders with common challenges such as limited access to resources, networks, and communities, or business acumen and mentorship. The group encourages club members to share their innovative paths to success.

The international entrepreneur’s prize is open to emerging social entrepreneurs aged 20 to 40, leading impact-driven businesses or not-for-profit organizations as founders or owners and in which they hold an executive position. Like the Fashion Trust prize, winners of the Young Leader Award receive mentorship created in partnership with the 2023 award academic partners, Georgetown University and Howard University. The application process opened in early December and runs until January 31, 2023.

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