Cop.Copine goes into receivership

Cop.Copine goes into receivership

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Created in the Paris region in 1986 under the name Copain-Copine, before becoming Cop.Copine in 1993, the women’s fashion brand operated by the company Alineo has applied to the Bobigny Commercial Court for a judicial reorganization. 


The company still owned by the Nedelian family is experiencing difficulties in the turbulent mid-range fashion market. After the Covid-19 period, a recovery strategy had been initiated in late 2020 by shareholders, focusing on greater differentiation, but it “will not have had time to produce its effects despite the several million euros they granted in support” says the brand in a statement, citing the negative effects of the war in Ukraine and inflation. 

Cop.Copine’s general manager since the end of 2020, Philippe Gandrillon is examining several solutions, including the reorganization of the structure, but also the search for buyers. An observation period of six months has been opened in the context of this recovery. 


The brand, whose headquarters and product development workshop is located in Romainville, north of Paris, operates a network of 67 stores under the brand name, in France and Spain, with three boutiques, as stated on the brand’s website. According to data, Alineo’s last known turnover reached 14.6 million euros in 2020, a year marked by the pandemic.

In terms of style, Cop.Copine has distinguished itself over the years with its unique looks, made up of clothes with asymmetrical or original cuts, layers or graphic prints. 

Cop.Copine’s struggles remind us of recent hard knocks among the mid-range fashion sector, such as the liquidation of Camaïeu, the receivership of San Marina

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