Desigual aims to reduce emissions by 65% over next four years

Desigual aims to reduce emissions by 65% over next four years

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Just one month after joining the Roadmap to Zero project, Desigual

Exterior of a Desigual store – Desigual

To achieve this, the brand is partnering up with the Science Based Targets initiative, supported by the Carbon Disclosure ProjectWWF

“Reducing emissions is the perfect example of how all of Desigual’s department work together and is one of Desigual’s specific objectives as part of the climate commitment component of our sustainability and CSR plan,” explained Clara Delmuns, Desigual’s product manager.

“We are aiming for a business model that minimizes the environmental impact of our business and this includes energy efficiency, waste management and the use of recyclable materials, among many other measures involving our suppliers and value chain. Ultimately, it is about involving the entire company and promoting sustainability wherever we are present,” she added.

In order to reduce Scope 2 emissions, generated by electricity consumption, the brand is focusing on purchasing increasingly more energy from renewable sources. Desigual is also working to reduce its Scope 3 emissions, which stem from the value chain and are not directly controlled by the company, through environmental audits and by improving traceability and transparency in its factories. 

In 2021, 84% of the energy consumed at the company’s headquarters, logistics centers and stores in Spain, as well as in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, was renewable energy. Over this period, Desigual recovered 97% of the waste generated in its buildings and stores in Spain, around 1,100 tons, while its total waste generated was 5.6% less than in 2020.

This isn’t the only project being carried out by Desigual, which was founded in 1984. At the end of last month, the brand launched the second edition of its Awesome Lab startup acceleration program, with the objective of expanding creativity and innovation transversally in its business.

Present in 109 countries through a network of 393 mono-brand stores and 10 retail channels, with six different product categories (women’s, men’s, kids, accessories, footwear and sportswear), the company currently employs more than 2,600 people. In its 2021 financial year, the company increased its turnover by 3.4%, to 371 million euros.

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