Down: Peta calls for transparency on H&M sourcing

Down: Peta calls for transparency on H&M sourcing

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The animal rights organisation Peta, as a shareholder of H&M


Peta’s shareholder resolution to H&M calls for a report on the slaughter methods used by their down suppliers. “H&M provides no information on the farms and slaughterhouses that supply its products, which completely debunks its own misleading claims that it has prioritised both traceability and transparency in supply chains.

Peta’s approach is notable in that it takes an administrative approach, putting into perspective the perceived gap between rhetoric and brand reality. An unstated accusation of “greenwashing” which exceptionally takes precedence over the mention of the fate of geese and ducks. An element that is not forgotten, however.

Peta stresses that all feathers come from animals that have been “violently killed” (the animals are normally stunned before their throats are slit, then placed in boiling water). The organisation bases its findings on a recent investigation of a Vietnamese producer, Vina Prauden, whose practices were deemed unnecessarily violent. A supplier of “responsible down” that previously supplied H&M.

Peta has now tackled another NGO: Textile Exchange

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Also contacted by, the H&M Group only says it welcomes “Peta’s commitment to this issue and its work to uncover unacceptable breaches in our industry, which ultimately helps to improve industry standards and practices in relation to animal welfare.”

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