Alpine Group partners with HERFinance

Alpine Group partners with HERFinance

Textile innovation and apparel manufacturing group Alpine Group announced on Thursday a partnership with financial inclusion programme HERfinance on the launch of a new program to support women in global supply chains.

Alpine Group partners with HerFinance. – BSR

As part of the partnership, Alex Apparels, the group’s Egyptian-based manufacturing division is playing a pivotal role in the development of a work-based training programme. 

Dubbed ‘HERproject’, the collaborative initiative activated by global non-profit organisation BSR, brings together global brands, suppliers, and local NGO’s to be the driving force in increasing the necessary workplace-based training on health, financial inclusion, and gender equality. Brand partners include Marks and Spencer, ColumbiaVF Corporation

In particular, HERproject offers a variety of training programmes focused on different topics all sharing the purpose of empowering women in supply chains, namely: HERhealth, HERrespect, HERessentials and HERmanagement

“Sustainability is at the very core of Alpine Group, due to it being paramount to the future of the fashion industry. In commitment to this, the Group’s strategy focuses on three pillars: Every Thread

“This makes supporting such a powerful programme in empowering women alongside the global acceleration toward digital finances a great fit for us. We are thrilled to be a part of the driving force behind the imperative systemic change the HERfinance programme will create.” 

HERfinance focuses on educating women on the significance of migrating from cash to digital wages and its advantages, as well as supplying training on financial planning, managing finances and the use of digital tools. As Alex Apparel recently transitioned to digital wages, the Group is well-aligned to provide the further training and facilities that HERfinance seeks. 

“The support of Alpine Group is paramount in our journey to driving change,” BSR said. “Alex Apparel’s leading facilities in Egypt will play a crucial part in the support of providing peer educators to deliver a greater understanding in the digitalisation of wages. With its support, the growth of financial inclusion and the empowerment of women in global supply chains will thrive.”

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