CFDA and DHL award Black Boy Knits

CFDA and DHL award Black Boy Knits

The Council of Fashion Designers of America

In the studio with Jacques Agolby of Black Boy Knits. – Black Boy Knits

Founded by Jacques Agbobly, Black Boy Knits was launched in 2020 with a mission to highlight Black, queer and immigrant narratives through a global-focused lens. Breaking down binaries, Agbobly’s designs draw parallels between the past and the present, showing how Black history and artisan traditions can inform the future of fashion. 

“As an Afro-Indigenous queer immigrant, equity, diversity, and empowerment is at the forefront of what I create,” said Agbobly. “This recognition will allow me to not only expand my business, but also achieve my mission of celebrating our culture and identity across the globe through our unique and customized fashion designs.” 

Born out of the CFDA and DHL partnership, the DHL Logistics in Fashion Award aims to recognize emerging talent looking for support in expanding their business globally.

In particular, for the third edition, the award was given to one American fashion brand who has a focus on community, people, sustainability and thoughtful global expansion. Black Boy Knits was chosen over 270 other applicants. 

The award offers a $15,000 grant prize as well as mentorship for the winning brand from the two organizations. 

“Our partnership with CFDA and expertise in international logistics has helped hundreds of businesses in the fashion industry by allowing them to offer quick and reliable shipping to customers worldwide,” said Cristian Vera, SVP of sales and marketing at DHL Express

“We are delighted to support emerging fashion designers, like Jacques, by giving them an opportunity to grow to new heights in the global marketplace. 

“By facilitating the global supply chain, our partnership with DHL is making it possible for CFDA members and emerging brands alike to expand their businesses internationally,” added CFDA CEO Steven Kolb.  

“We are looking forward to seeing how Black Boy Knits leverages this incredible opportunity to reach even more customers across the globe.”

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