Ten top menswear trends for Spring/Summer 2023

Ten top menswear trends for Spring/Summer 2023

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Nicola Mira

The pandemic is ending, and men are once again keen to dress up. “Let’s go out!” was the imperative of the menswear show session that ended on June 26. Going for an evening jaunt, of course, because a convivial mood is back. But going out during the day too, to enjoy the outside world again with sporting pursuits, immersions in nature and sun-kissed holidays by the seaside.

The Spring/Summer 2023 collections unveiled in London, Florence, Milan and Paris, nearly all of them with in-person shows, stood out for their freshness and laid-back elegance, marking a return to more formal outfits that nevertheless aren’t jettisoning the comfort they gained during lockdowns. Also, next summer’s menswear showcased in even more distinct fashion the feminine element in men, though still with a humorous nod to certain masculine archetypes, as in cowboy and biker outfits.

Giorgio Armani, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

1 – Laid-back suits

Suits are officially back in favour. Every man in the third millennium must have a suit in his wardrobe, the jacket matching with either trousers, shorts or Bermudas. Naturally, after the lockdowns and the explosion of streetwear, suits are back in new guises, made with lighter and softer materials, featuring extremely ample trousers often fastened with a drawstring, and with deconstructed blazers. Next

MSGM, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

2 – Bare bellies

BareFendiMiu MiuMSGMAmiriLGNLouis-Gabriel NouchiThom BrowneMoschino

TAAKK, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

3 – Distressed jeans

Denim has been making a come-back in the last few seasons, but next summer it will take over the entire wardrobe in a plethora of versions, from heavily distressed to uber-formal. Denim is featured in all types of garments, including coats and boots, like the oversize thigh-high boots cut from old denim strips seen at Dolce & GabbanaStone

Marine Serre, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

4 – Terry cloth

Serial heatwaves are calling for new solutions. Designers have redoubled their efforts in fabric research to find the lightest, freshest and most pleasant materials, with cotton ubiquitous and linen enjoying a revival. In this context, terry cloth, preferably recycled, adds a uniquely summery touch. Among the most attractive examples, the shirt-trouser sets at Marine SerreMagliano

JordanLuca, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

5 – Leather mini-shorts

First introduced last year, slightly retro minuscule shorts are now very much on-trend. The novelty is that next summer they will need to be made of leather, ideally black leather. PradaWalter Van Beirendonck

Dries Van Noten,Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

6 – Papa’s pyjamas

Pyjama suits were already a thing last year, primarily in silky materials and for evening wear. Next summer, they will be worn in effortlessly chic day looks too. When the temperature rises and we want comfort, no need to complicate things, we can go out wearing pyjamas. Provided they are one of those fine old-fashioned pyjamas in light poplin with thin sky-blue stripes. Givenchy

DSquared2, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

7 – The sarong

A long piece of fabric tied at the waist pareo-fashion, the sarong has become a menswear staple as an alternative to skirts, and was featured in most men’s collections for Spring/Summer 2023. Gender boundaries are blurring, and consumers are constantly seeking greater comfort. From the white towels adopted by Dolce & Gabbana and Magliano, to Craig GreenHed Mayner

LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

8 – Trompe-l’œil effects

A joyful zest was sprinkled across all collections, without going to extremes of eccentricity. Just a desire to have fun, smile, amuse oneself. It translated into clothes featuring vibrant, unexpected prints, often inspired by the art world, as in the Pop Art collection by Junya Watanabe

Thom Browne, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

9 – Cowboy looks

Cowboy looks aptly represent this festive mood, marked by a return to a rather creative way of dressing. The entire amusing gamut of cowboy outfits has visibly inspired designers, who went for boots, ten-gallon hats, embroidered trousers and tassel-trimmed shirts, belts with oversize buckles or medallions, and typical leather bolo ties. Even a stirrup cropped up at Craig Green! Above all, chaps have tickled the designers’ imagination. These overtrousers cowboys slip over jeans to protect them will be worn next summer on bare skin, affording a glimpse of sexy underwear. They come braided and tasselled at Thom Browne, in indigo, daisy-embroidered denim at Casablanca, strictly in leather at Celine

Craig Green, Spring/Summer 2023 – © PixelFormula

10 – Quirky accessories
Accessories swamped the runways in all shapes and sizes, worn from head to toe, often with a playful vibe. After two crisis years, what better outlet to channel a return to consumer purchases that labels hope will be compulsive? From Kenzo

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