DressX partners with Zepeto to launch digital-only wearables collection

DressX partners with Zepeto to launch digital-only wearables collection

Metafashion retailer DressX announced on Thursday a partnership with Asia’s biggest metaverse platform Zepeto to launch a collection of digital-only wearables.

DressX partners with Zepeto to launch digital-only wearables collection. – DressX

For the launch, DressX has joined forces with Zepeto’s virtual fashion influencer Monica Quin, to bring her unique vision to life with five digital looks created in the influencer’s signature color palette. 

Quin has over 950 thousand followers and is the most followed user on the platform to date. She has been using Zepeto since 2018 and has a wide knowledge about the metaverse. The digital fashion collection will be available to wear on Zepeto’s personal avatars, while some items from the collection will also be available to wear in AR on the DressX app. 

“We are proud to collaborate with Zepeto and the platform’s top influencer Monica Quin, opening up the new Metaverse for DressX’s metafashion,” said Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, founders at DressX.

“Created by the purely digital fashion company and curated by Zepeto-native top performing avatar influencer, this collection gives an insight into the future of fashion, where ideas are born and brought to life fully and authentically in the digital world. The new generation of users socialize and build their identities with no limits in the Metaverse, and DressX is honored to provide an ultimate metacloset for their lives in web3.”

Earlier this year, DressX launched a collection on Roblox becoming the first pure-play digital fashion brand to drop a collection via the gaming platform. 

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Zepeto is developed by Naver Z Corp, which was launched in 2018. With over 320 million lifetime users, it is the fastest growing avatar platform. 

“Zepeto and DressX are redefining what it means to be a fashion designer and brand in the metaverse era,” said Jay Lee

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