Scotch & Soda latest loyalty drive is enabled by NFTs

Scotch & Soda latest loyalty drive is enabled by NFTs

Scotch & Soda has linked up with Salesforce

Scotch & Soda

It follows the debut of Scotch & Soda’s traditional loyalty programme, Club Soda, which launched in June and offers members benefits such as special discounts, early access to collections and sales, birthday gifts and access to exclusive events. 

The new tech addition is described as “its free-spirited Web3 community”, under which the creation and minting of NFTs will be powered by Salesforce’s new NFT Cloud technology during the company’s pilot programme. 

NFT Cloud allows users to mint, manage and sell NFTs “on a trusted and sustainable platform”. 

AE Studio has been responsible for all technical development and advising on the best blockchain solutions “to drive maximum impact for the end-user, increasing the likelihood of long-term, sustainable growth”.

The launch of Club Soda 3.0 includes minting one of the 1,000 Founder’s Pass NFTs, “which serve as a point of entry to exclusive experiences, events, and offers from Scotch & Soda”. 

All of the brand’s NFTs will be minted on Polygon, “a sustainable blockchain that uses proof-of-stake consensus protocol”. 

In addition to providing “many similar benefits” to Club Soda, the 3.0 version will “offer the opportunity to co-create with Scotch & Soda on special projects, giving way to a more collaborative, inclusive, and engaging approach to creation in the new digital world”. 

Importantly, members can also join anonymously through their public cryptocurrency wallet address rather than through personal identification such as email. 

The company added that members can “enjoy a deeper level of engagement and interact with each other and the brand via Scotch & Soda’s Discord server”. That’s a community-focused social platform “where like-minded people can connect and discuss their favourite topics without the interference and restrictions of algorithms”.

The tech move is part of a long-term business strategy and marketing chief Stéphane Jaspar said it’s launching “what we see as the future of membership, where the values of the next generation are better represented and NFTs serve as a trusted point of access. 

“We are taking the first steps to build a community in Web3 based around the free spirit values of our home city of Amsterdam, and celebrate our members’ engagement, creativity and feedback, no matter where they are in the world or what their identity might be in ‘real life’, giving everyone a sense of ownership in the process.”

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