Gandys links with James and James Fulfilment as it targets international growth

Gandys links with James and James Fulfilment as it targets international growth

Travel-inspired fashion brand Gandys is widening its seven-month strategic partnership with James and James Fulfilment in its drive for international expansion.


The further layers of commitment will provide Gandys with “a fully outsourced, strategic, technology-led e-commerce fulfilment service to its customers”. 

Having achieved a “strong and loyal consumer base” in the UK, the brand’s international expansion will centre on France, Germany and then the US. And to support customers in these regions and the focus needed to scale the business, Gandys admitted it “needed to improve operations”. 

It also accepted it required greater supply chain transparency and visibility; more storage capacity for its products; and more employee resource to execute fulfilment cost-effectively. 

So James and James was further engaged to provide Gandys access to its cloud-based order management system called ControlPort. By integrating this software with Gandys’ e-commerce infrastructure, James and James provides the fashion brand with data and analytics about the state of its supply chain and fulfilment. 

“With insight on which products are moving quickly and which are costly, it also provides an effective returns management process for consumers”, Gandys said. 

And to support its international growth, James and James also built a direct integration with Global-e, which enables it to sell to 200 countries, with 100 different currencies supported. 

Gandys founder Rob Forkan said: “Our business reached a point where it became no longer feasible to manage fulfilment in-house, due to the number of orders we were receiving, so we had to explore our options, so that we could continue growing.

“Our brand and aspirations are ambitious. We want to take our proposition into Europe and eventually the US. So this partnership is more than just about fulfilment locally, it’s a long-term commitment with a view to supporting wider growth into the US, as we sell fashion, and do good in the communities we trade in.”

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