How ‘Stranger Things’ is reviving nostalgia for ’80s fashion

How ‘Stranger Things’ is reviving nostalgia for ’80s fashion



The 1980s that are buzzing on specialist search engines and social networks, fueled by the return of the series “Stranger Things.” Available since May 27 on Netflix, the first part of this new season revived many an iconic fashion item from this decade, in which color and extravagance were the order of the day.

According to the influence marketing platform LTK, searches relating to the world of the series and Hawkins’ heroes have skyrocketed in recent weeks, up +700% for the “Stranger Things” phenomenon in general, and even more so for the fashion trends spotlighted during the first seven episodes of this fourth season, the second part of which is set to drop, July 1.

LTK reports a jump of more than 3,000% in searches for these two ultimate ’80s pieces since the start of the show’s fourth season. More broadly, it appears that the series has reignited consumers’ love of retro outfits. These terms have generated a 200% increase in search interest on the influencer marketing platform. More specifically, it could be that the iconic ’80s bomber jackets and caps of all kinds — especially those featuring a retro design — will be everywhere this fall. These two categories of products have respectively shown a 200% and 120% increase in searches in recent weeks.

Since the pandemic, TV shows have become veritable fashion influencers — a phenomenon that spans all genres, from the romantic comedy “Emily in Paris” to the “Squid Game” thriller, through the romantic period drama “Bridgerton.”

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