PrettyLittleThing launches its first ‘virtual’ model

PrettyLittleThing launches its first ‘virtual’ model

The social network-based 3D virtual world — better known as the metaverse — has been grasped whole-heartedly by PrettyLitteThing.

PrettyLittleThing’s ‘Virtual Girl’

Bridging the gap between real life and fashion in the virtual world, the Boohoo

The as-yet unnamed model, (temporarily called ‘Virtual Girl’) is now appearing on the PrettyLitteThing website modelling its latest offer. And we’re told she will continually evolve and showcase “a range of emotions to truly react with the its customer”.

Creative Director Toni Hayden said: “We want to make our girl as relatable and real to our customers as possible. We will build her lifestyle based on our customer’s interests, likes and dislikes. A true ambassador for the brand.

“She will have ways about her that will be unique to only her and we look forward to developing her capabilities over the coming months allowing our customers to learn a lot more about her and what’s to come as we enter into the metaverse.”

Meanwhile, PrettyLitteThing has asked its Instagram

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