Pronovias launches wedding dresses modifiable for post-wedding wear

Pronovias launches wedding dresses modifiable for post-wedding wear

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Spanish bridal wear group Pronovias

One of the models in the Second Life project by Pronovias – Pronovias

“Second Life wants to defy the conventional wisdom that wedding dresses are worn only once. After the wedding, customers can take their dress to select Pronovias and Nicole Milano stores and have it altered into a new model they will be able to wear again and again, at no additional cost,” said Pronovias.

The first collection for the Second Life project includes 70 modifiable dresses. The possible alterations include shortening the dress, removing the sleeves and adding new details, such as a belt or straps.

“Bridal fashion isn’t really known for being circular. Second Life is trying to correct this issue and improve the sector’s environmental performance. It is a vital challenge for the future of our industry, and for the environment we are keen to preserve,” said Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias Group.

The Second Life project’s first collection consists of 70 modifiable models – Pronovias

Pronovias wants to go even further in terms of circularity. The group’s We Do Eco line, for example, is made up of dresses developed with sustainable fabrics and materials. Pronovias has also entered into a partnership with Recovo, a platform that promotes the recycling of fabric off-cuts to reduce the environmental impact of textile waste.

The Pronovias group is based in Barcelona. It has been the property of BC PartnersVera Wang

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