Everything to Pack in Your Going-Out Bag for a Night Out

Oh, the going-out purse. We all know the going-out purse: the tiny bag that becomes a fifth limb on nights out, accompanying you from the bar to the party to the Uber. Seasons change, trends come and go, but the going-out purse will truly be forever. When packed to perfection with tried-and-true purse essentials, it’s your lifeline with everything you could possibly need throughout the night inside.

Since you’re likely not bringing your tote bag out with you at night, the key to fitting all the essentials inside your purse is to downsize them. Instead of bringing a compact mirror and powder, a powder that has a mirror built in; instead of bringing an entire pack of gum, take out two or three pieces and store them in a zipped area of your bag.

Personally, I feel like I’ve mastered packing the going-out purse. Call me the mom friend, call me the one who’s overly-prepared, but no matter what, if you need it, I’ve got it. And trust me: Someone’s always going to need something. From worst-case lifelines to the bare necessities, this is everything you should pack in your purse for a night out.


Zip Cardholder

Compact is key when it comes to packing your going-out purse. A cardholder will hold all of the things your wallet does, but in a compact, space-saving way.

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Power Mist

Hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have when you leave the house. This one is a spray, which makes it easy to use on a night out. Plus, its spill-proof packaging will ensure you don’t have any incidents.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Lipstick Balm

It’s a lipstick, it’s a lip balm…it’s both? This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is the only lip-balm advertised as lipstick I’ve tried that actually does both. It’s got the shine and tint of a normal lipstick but the extreme-hydration component of your favorite chapstick. Avoid packing two lip products by reaching for this instead.

8 colors available

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Breakfast Biscuit

One thing about me, I’m always bringing a snack in my purse during a GNO. There is always—I repeat, always—someone who needs a snack. Whether it’s a granola bar or these breakfast biscuits, I like to opt for something that has multiple within the package so I can share with friends.

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Pill Box

If you’re prone to headaches, tummy aches, or have a nightly medication to take, a chic little pillbox is a must in your going-out purse. Perfect to hold TUMs, Advil, or anything else you need to prepare for worst-case scenarios, it’s better to have them on you than to not.

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Armani Beauty

Acqua di Gioia Travel Spray

Any roller-ball or travel spray perfume will do, but lately I’ve been loving Armani’s Acqua di Gioia perfume. It’s fresh, musky, and different if you’re a floral or vanilla scent-girl. It’s not too overpowering, yet will still have you getting compliments non-stop.

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Magsafe Charger

With this nifty MagSafe charger, you can ditch the cord in your bag completely. This charger sticks to the back of your phone with a magnet and gives your phone a charge when it needs it (and can charge it from your bag without any hassle).

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Fenty Beauty

Oil Blotting Powder

Another 2-in-1 item for you, this oil-blotting powder from Fenty Beauty is all the touch-up you’ll need all night. Equipped with a mirror, it’s ideal to reapply lipstick, blot your forehead, and keep you shine-free all night long.

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Hair Ties

These hair ties are easy to pop into your bag but still cute enough to rock if they accidentally (inevitably) end up on your wrist the rest of the night.

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Sheer Band-Aids

When you’re going out for the night, odds are, you or someone else is going to have a blister somewhere on their foot from the new shoes they’re taking out for a spin. You’ll never regret having these handy.

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Our favorite going-out purses

Cult Gaia

Sienna Rhinestone Bag

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Cult Gaia

Eos Clutch

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Convertible Shoulder Bag

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Tory Burch

McGraw Bag

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Chain Bag

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JW Pei

Millie Shoulder Bag

4 colors available

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Mini Pillow Tabby

2 colors available

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