Why workwear is shaping up to be a top fashion trend of 2022

Why workwear is shaping up to be a top fashion trend of 2022



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Coveralls, uniforms and overalls in denim or canvas, with a multitude of pockets and other functional details, are among fashion’s most popular pieces of the moment. Originating in the United States, workwear started making a comeback there a few months ago, in the midst of the pandemic, before spreading like wildfire to the rest of the world… or Europe, at least.

The phenomenon is such that many stars have already adopted workwear looks, from Kaia GerberMillennials

And you have to admit that workwear has everything it takes to rise to the heights of the most desirable — and desired — fashion items, especially for Generation Z. As well as being gender-fluid in essence — whether it’s a boiler suit or overalls — workwear can also adapt to absolutely all body shapes and sizes. The cherry on the cake is that such garments are often billed as authentic and long-lasting, if only for the quality and durability of the materials used.

As a result of this comeback, once forgotten brands like DickiesCarhartt


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