Jessica Simpson Wore Her Cheerleading Jacket From When She Was 13 Years Old

Jessica Simpson appears to have partaken in an age-old holiday tradition: digging through your childhood belongings while visiting your parents. 

On Tuesday, January 3, the 42-year-old pop star known for bangers like “With You” and “Irresistible” shared a selfie on Instagram in which she wears a cheerleading jacket from when she was 13 years old. “Found my eighth grade head cheerleader letter jacket,” she wrote in the caption. (Of course she was head cheerleader—she’s Jessica Simpson.)

The green and yellow varsity jacket features a large R, which itself is embroidered with the name Jessica. Simpson styled her own vintage piece with an orange beanie and silver hoop earrings. 

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Jessica’s sister Ashlee was quick to comment. “Yes! Go Vikings!” Actor Sharon Stone also offered up the comment, “U go girl.” Simple but so true.

A few days earlier, on Christmas Eve, Simpson posted a photo of her daughter Maxwell, 10, posing in front of the Christmas tree and all the presents under and around it. 

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