Kim Kardashian Called Brave for Posing Inside London’s Red Phone Booths

Every mom deserves a night out, including Kim Kardashian. The Skims founder put her soccer mom duties on hold for an evening with her girlfriends at a pub in London while in town for an Arsenal game with son Saint and his friends. But first, a photo shoot. 

Kardashian posed for pics in a denim-on-denim-on-denim outfit that would make Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears proud. The 42-year-old’s denim statement jacket featured chocolate-colored fur trim and cuffs, which almost hide the iPhone she’s holding to her ear in some of the photos. (RIP working phone booths.) She also wore patchwork baggy jeans with a subtle acid wash and matching denim-printed heels, which gave her some much-needed height to keep her extra-long pants from touching the floor—especially the floor in the booths.

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The comment section had a lot to say about Kardashian braving the iconic red telephone boxes, iconic in the UK. One user commented, “You were brave, most people use those phone boxes as a toilet on a Friday and Saturday night.”

Added another: “That phone box smelled like hell I just know it.” And another: “Omgggg I made the mistake to go into one of those in London and….. they smell like peeee!!!” And another: “Babe I wouldn’t [have] touched that phone box.” 

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