Claire’s opens in Paris

Claire’s opens in Paris

Global brand Claire’s announced on Monday the opening of a new store in Paris, introducing a fresh store concept that allows consumers to experience the future of the brand.

Claire’s opens in Paris. – Claire’s

Designed in collaboration with Claire’sNicola Formichetti

Inside, consumers are welcomed by an ear-shaped ‘chandel-ear’ designed by Formichetti that celebrates the brand’s #EarPrint campaign. They will also find two dedicated ear piercing studios and a content creation studio.

“We want our customers to feel inspired – through our product, our content and our innovative creative partnerships – but most importantly, through the shopping experience itself,” said Richard Flint, Claire’s president of Europe. 

“The new Paris store is a portal into our brand world and a glimpse into our future. Full of immersive experiences and innovative touches, we’re inviting consumers to have fun, experiment and co-create with Claire’s.”

The store opens with a fashion week

“Gen ‘Zalpha’ is fearless, authentic and wildly creative in the ways they show up, and our brand is a platform that creates space for them to express all sides of themselves. Through our creation of Mini V, we are championing them in a whole new way and giving a powerful place for their voices to be heard,” said Kristin Patrick, EVP and chief marketing officer of Claire’s.

“Claire’s and I believe in individuality, and together we hope to send the younger generation on an enjoyable and fun journey of self-expression,” added Formichetti. “With the launch of Mini V, we have a unique opportunity to offer young consumers tools to unlock their personal style while also providing a space to explore deeper topics and a powerful platform to share their voices.” 

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