Celebs Take the Nearly Naked Trend to the 2022 Oscars 

What do Timothee Chalamet and Kristen Stewart have in common, besides delicate bone structure and a mildly haunted vibe? Both arrived shirtless at the 2022 Oscars. 

Okay, Stewart technically wore a shirt—it’s just that it is had one button, at roughly the level of her navel, more symbolic than functional. And in what is either a reference to Princess Diana’s bike shorts or further evidence that Kirsten Stewart answers to no one, she covered the bottom half of her body in scarcely a few centimeters of fabric. Shorts. Kirsten Stewart wore shorts to the Oscars. Shorts and what I can only describe as a diamond encrusted bolo tie. You can love it, you can hate it, you can wonder if the metal strip running the length of her torso is uncomfortably chilly, but you have to respect the boldness of this choice. 

Emma McIntyre

Chalamet can commiserate—he donned a sequined tuxedo jacket and neglected to layer a shirt underneath, choosing instead to layer multiple silver necklaces. In short, this is an outfit I tried to create many times at Wet Seal in the late 2000s, but not with as much luck as Timmy. Wherever Harry Styles is tonight, he’s calling his stylist and asking if he can show up at the Grammys without pants, promise. 

Two other celebs who were matchy-matchy in the same “I escaped the nudist colony just in time to get to the Dolby Theater” way were singer Halle Bailey and actor Emilia Jones, nominated for CODA. Both women wore dresses with a dramatic asymmetrical cutout on the torso, though Jones’s style built on the scandalousness with a skin-colored fabric, while Bailey’s added an extreme high slit on one leg. 

Jeff Kravitz

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