Jennifer Lopez Affleck Did Sexy Corporate-Core at the 2002 VMAs

The year is 2002. We are post-9/11, but pre–most things we remember about the 2000s (The O.C., MySpace, etc.). Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are an A-list couple who are not yet engaged for the first time. And perhaps because she does not need to match her ensemble to the pink diamond rock he will shortly present to her, Jenny From the Block rolls up to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing…this:

Theo Wargo

Reminder: Ally McBeal had just ended, the show that tricked people into thinking dressing like a lawyer was hot. Also, 2002 might be the least stylish year ever. Remember, kiddos, Y2K wasn’t all about low-rise jeans and letting your aquamarine bra straps poke out from beneath a white tank top. We were also putting frills and ruffles on every damn thing.

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