Katie Holmes Wore Her Chanel Purse With Baggy Chanel Denim

The savviest fashion collectors, including Katie Holmes—invest in Chanel bags. A recent study indicated that Chanel handbags are up there with traditional Chinese works of art and luxury watches as the products that “offer the best inflation protection.” The study noted that those designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld are the most sought-after, and can rise by 7% in value in normal times, and by as much as 17% in high-inflation years. 

Holmes—whose new lease on life this summer is reflected in her wardrobe—knows her way around an investment purchase. She was seen with a small Chanel flap bag slung across her body for an outing in New York this week, worn with baggy jeans also by Chanel, with double C motifs on the back pockets, a box-fresh white tank top, a cropped black blazer, and angular pumps. 


The flap bag isn’t the only Chanel accessory in her collection. In January, she was papped with a mint-green flap bag, and she carried a cherry-red Chanel vanity case on the red carpet last autumn. Katie Holmes also has the 19 bag and a slouchy hobo tote.

Countless other celebrities have fallen for Chanel’s timeless handbags. In the April 2022 issue of British , Gigi Hadid showed the forever appeal of the quilted 11.12 bag, which was styled for the shoot with everything from Christopher John Rogers’s psychedelic spotty suiting to leggings and tie-dye tracksuits. Proof that Chanel bags go with just about anything.

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