Lizzo Is Making a Shapewear Collection Designed for All Body Types

Singer Lizzo has teamed up with Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel company Fabletics to launch Yitty, a shapewear line designed for all body types. The first collection will be available on April 12 and will include bodysuits, smoothing shorts, tanks, unitards, and more, per Forbes.

“I have spent the entirety of my life trying to change the way that I look or reshape my body,” Lizzo told the outlet. “As if I had to inflict some sort of pain upon it to fit into an archetype or a standard of beauty. I’ve been wearing shapewear—tight-pinching corsets and underwear bottoms—for a very long time, since I was in fifth or sixth grade. It was really painful, and I really felt that it shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies, and we shouldn’t have to wear these contraptions to feel beautiful.”

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