Stüssy Summer 2023? Coming Right Up!

Spring is edging to a close. With the scent of summer’s approach intensifying, attention shifts back to Stüssy as it tees up the next round of incremental drops that will form the weighted base of its Summer 2023 collection.

It can get a little exhausting when your favorite brand splits its year into four seasons or six if they throw pre-season collections in the mix, even more so when they split each season into a series of drops spread across several months. Sure, it makes a season last, affording you time to collect your coins from each paycheck, but it does feel endless at times.

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Now that Stüssy has tied up the ends of its Spring 2023 collection, including collaborations with Levi’s, Martine Rose, and Our Legacy, it can turn its full attention to bringing the warmer part of the year to a close – or igniting the most exciting part of the year, depending on how you look at it.

Although the next few months will likely bring scorching heat with them if last year’s European summer is anything to go by (trust me, England is not built for 40 degrees celsius), then the outerwear options which possess a heavy presence in this new lookbook won’t be getting much action.

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For those colder summer days, however, Stüssy’s pant selection remains strong as ever, with exciting dyes and washes resulting in denim standouts, while classic ripstop cargo pants are updated with new colorways, including woodland camouflage.

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Many of the shorts on offer are altered length variations of the pants, with jorts enjoying particular attention throughout.

The rest of the collection, which is available online from May 12, includes all of the streetwear staples you’d expect of the season. With little distinction between Spring and Summer 2023, perhaps the full line-up should’ve been pushed out together.

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