This Unexpected Accessory Is Fall’s Most Glamorous Trend

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Making a statement these days is all about accessories, from tiny bags to towering shoes, but the finishing touch of the moment is a little more unexpected: opera gloves. No longer relegated to TV costumes and Disney princesses, elbow-length gloves add old-school glamour to basically any outfit, which is exactly why they won’t stop popping up on red carpets, runways, and your For You page.  

The trend may feel like it’s coming out of nowhere, but the resurgence of the opera glove was inevitable. Old-money aesthetics are back in style on TikTok, from tennis- and Plazacore to coquette, harking back to the days when long satin or lace gloves were a necessity for high-society swans. There are notes of Bridgerton and Blonde here too; fittingly, the accessory popped up at both projects’ 2022 premieres.

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