Kendall Jenner Flaunts Physics-Defying Bikini on the Beach

Kendall Jenner would like to remind everyone she’s very hot. Noted!

The model and perhaps girlfriend of Rude Rabbit (okay, Bad Bunny) welcomed the start of bikini season with a photo shoot on the beach in what can only be described as an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny striped and crocheted string bikini. Held together with a wink and a smile!

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The tequila-preneur posed with a palm tree at an undisclosed location, then got down in the sand. She didn’t tag anyone or any location in the captionless post, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then Kendall Jenner just shared five thousand words. And four thousand of them are “wow!” Elle reports that these snaps are from a vacation with Mr. Bunny and KJ’s personal photographer, though the evidence has since been deleted. I mean, who doesn’t travel with a personal paparazzo? Sometimes I take my little Instax Mini with me when I go to the park. So, same.

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