Let Jennifer Lopez Demonstrate How to Elevate the Sloppy-Sweatsuit Trend 

As a pioneer of the Juicy-tracksuit movement, Jennifer Lopez has certainly earned the right to wear velour any way and any place she wants to. But goodness, woman, Los Angeles is in a heat wave! It’s called a sweat suit, but you’re not actually supposed to sweat in it.

Mrs. Affleck and her kid Emme stepped out for lunch at a Melrose Avenue restaurant on Tuesday, per Page Six, with Lopez donning an all-cream outfit: a wide-brim cowboy-style hat and an oversized tracksuit, accessorized with sparkly silver boots and a teeny-tiny gray Jacquemus purse that genuinely does not look large enough to hold a phone! In true J.Lo style, she fully accessorized, with gold hoops and necklaces, rings, and wide sunglasses, at this point a trademark.


Maybe she was just so into everyone’s looks at the white party that she decided to mix things up fabric-wise while sticking to the color palette? 

You know what this is? This is stealth wealth. This is a look that can be re-created at any price point, but the lifestyle that goes with it? No way. You have to be truly 1% to afford the amount of air conditioning in your home and car for this to be a midday mid-July outfit in West Hollywood. You have to know you’re not gonna take more than a few steps in any given direction to tug those shoes on, and you surely have to have someone else to hold your stuff if that plaything is going to be your purse. Remember the “capacious bag” as a no-status symbol? This is the opposite of that. Her bag has capacity only for all the fucks she gives: none. Yes, Jennifer Lopez’s outfit just called me poor and rolled its eyes at my chipped manicure. I’m sorry! I didn’t know this was a fancy place!

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