Adidas, Nike among award recipients awards at Cannes Lions advertising festival

Adidas, Nike among award recipients awards at Cannes Lions advertising festival

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Since its inception in 1954, the Cannes Lions ceremony has been recognizing the most outstanding marketing campaigns of the year. In this 2023 edition, the CroisetteAdidasNike

Nike Home – Nike


Levi’s earned a well-deserved Silver Lion in the ‘Brand and Communication Design’ category for its campaign titled ‘The Greatest Story EverLegends

Film Levi’s


A series of four video ads won Lacoste the Gold Lion and Bronze Lion in the ‘Outdoor’ category. These wordless videos beautifully depict encounters between individuals donning the same Lacoste product: a pink polo shirt, sunglasses, a hat and even socks and sandals. 

Film Lacoste


Aizome, a Japanese textile bedding brand, earned the Gold Lion for their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. The brand launched a skincare product named ‘Wastecare Industrial Waste – Certified as Skincare’, which is not only sold in a unique and sustainable package made from recycled cardboard and unbleached paper but also features extensive information on the recycling process. The bottle itself is crafted from recycled laboratory glass.

Film Aizome


Nike showcased its exceptional communication prowess with three standout projects in the 2023 Cannes Lions. In ‘Welcome to Nike Juku’, Nike Japan portrayed a mesmerized class of high school students who are entranced by young dancers (winning a Silver Lion in the ‘Social Behavior’ category). Another notable campaign, ‘Home’, paid homage to the English women’s football team, winners of the 2022 Women’s Euro, securing a Gold Lion and a Bronze Lion in the ‘Cultural Insight

Film Nike

On the eve of the men’s World CupSerena


Gucci, renowned Italian fashion house, won the Bronze Lion in the ‘Use of Original Music’ category with its enchanting video, ‘Kaguya by Gucci’. Released on the brand’s YouTube channel on August 10, 2022, the advertisement narrates a love story between Mikado, representing the Earth, and Princess Kaguya, symbolizing the Moon. Set against a nocturnal backdrop, the vibrant Gucci outfits are beautifully accentuated by dreamlike neon lights.

Film Gucci


Adidas made a lasting impression with its ‘Runner 321’ campaign. The brand empowered runners with Down Syndrome to participate in major American races, even when the event was sponsored by a competitor. This initiative garnered the brand the Grand Prix in the ‘Business Goal and Social Responsibility’ category, Silver Lions in the ‘Events and Stunts’ and ‘Brand-Driven Education and Awareness’ categories, and a Bronze Lion in the ‘Brand Experience and Activation’ category. Additionally, Adidas received accolades for campaigns like ‘Superstar Ravi’ and ‘X Speedportal Rick & Morty’.

Film Adidas

Ebay sneakers

Ebay Sneakers claimed a Bronze Lion in the ‘Cultural Insight’ category with their innovative concept, ‘Wear ’em Out Store’. Inside the store, buyers had the opportunity to test their brand-new shoes on grass and pebbles, contributing to a price reduction.

Film E-bay

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand founded by Rihanna


Maybelline New York, also in the cosmetics sector, earned a Silver Lion in the ‘Social Purpose’ category with its campaign, ‘Through Their Eyes’. This impactful initiative shed light on the violence women face in online gaming environments.

Zeva Fashion

Kenyan fashion brand Zeva Fashion was awarded Bronze Lions in the ‘Cultural Insight’ and ‘Glass: The Lion for Change

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