TikTokers Are Using Just Lipstick to Create a Full Face of Makeup

Lipstick is no doubt one of the more versatile products in your makeup bag. Not only can it be applied to lips in a number of ways (painted on, patted on, or blended with other shades) but it can also double up as a blush and, at a push, eyeshadow if you’re going for a monotone makeup look. 

But now, people on TikTok are using lipstick to create an entire makeup look from start to finish – yes, that includes for concealer, contour, and even foundation. We’re not sure exactly why people are attempting this feat, but it’s safe to say that it’s not so much a genius makeup hack as a relatively random challenge — often with hilariously disastrous results.

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For blush, Natalie chooses a warm pink lipstick and blends it out with a sponge. “It’s gorgeous! It’s actually coming out so cute.” 

Although she could have easily finished there for a balmy no-makeup-makeup look, Natalie went bold with a two-tone orange and pink eyeshadow look and a deep magenta shade on her lips for a full-on ’80s vibe. 

We’re not sure where we stand, but we’re tempted to give it a go… 

This story originally appeared in Glamour UK.

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