Mango talks U.S. market ambitions, product quality and Simon Miller collaboration

Mango talks U.S. market ambitions, product quality and Simon Miller collaboration

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“Summer is a pivotal season for us in terms of sales, and we wanted to collaborate with a designer who shares our strength in this area. In addition, we were looking to partner with a designer who embodies a youthful and refreshing identity, someone who can infuse Mango’s summer collections with a more alluring and designer touch. In return, the chosen designer stands to gain increased visibility, making this collaboration a true ‘win win’ situation,” explained

A capsule collection to underpin Mango’s U.S. expansion plan

The decision to collaborate with Simon Miller is also part of a strategic plan to expand Mango’s presence in the United States.

“Collaborating with an American designer will help Mango consolidate its position in the country, at a time when the company is in the midst of an expansion plan,” explained Ruano.

She further highlighted the importance of “growing Mango’s brand awareness among U.S. consumers, particularly in the Los Angeles area”.

Following the inauguration of its first flagship store on Fifth Avenue

In addition, Mango aims to position the United States among its top five markets in terms of turnover. As part of this strategy, the company plans to open approximately fifteen new stores throughout 2023, with a particular focus on expanding its presence in the southern and western regions of the country. This expansion will mark Mango’s entry into new states, including Georgia, Texas, and California, enabling the brand to reach previously untapped cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Glendale, and McAllen. 


In terms of the premium nature of Mango’s capsules, Ruano emphasised that the latest collaboration with Simon Miller aims to further elevate the brand’s positioning in terms of quality. The entire collection was designed at Mango’s Hangar Design Center in Barcelona, with a focus on proximity sourcing and manufacturing. This involved sourcing the majority of fabrics from Spain and carrying out the tailoring process in countries like Morocco and Turkey.

“Apart from its distinctive style, Mango’s main attribute is its superior positioning in terms of quality compared to its competitors,” concluded Ruano. 

With prices ranging from 23 to 240 euros, the summer capsule features a total of 37 clothing items, including tops, pants, dresses or colourful T-shirts; as well as 36 different accessories, such as sandals, sunglasses, beach bags, bucket hats and towels. Starting from May 22, these pieces will be accessible to customers in select markets, including Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Despite Simon Miller’s penchant for vibrant colours, prints, and statement accessories, there is a shared language between our brand and Mango. We both offer accessible fashion with a touch of luxury, so I was thrilled when Mango approached us to infuse our joyful spirit into a collaboration,” enthused Chelsea Hansford, the driving force and artistic director behind the brand established in 2008. She emphasised the significance of working with a globally recognized brand, seeing it as a remarkable chance to showcase their unique style on a larger scale.

When it comes to the division of responsibilities during the collaboration, the creative mind behind the collection reveals: “We took charge of the majority of the design, branding, concept, and storytelling aspects. Mango, on the other hand, assumed the responsibility for development and production, as well as orchestrating the breathtaking campaign set aboard a cruise ship in Greece.”

As the interview drew to a close, she expressed her passion for the collection’s standout feature: “What makes this collection truly remarkable is that it offers an abundance of compelling summer looks at an accessible price point, making it feasible for individuals to obtain the full look.” 

Founded in Barcelona in 1984, Mango is currently present in 115 countries worldwide. Last year, the company saw its sales grow by 20.3% to 2.688 billion euros, achieving the highest turnover in its history. 36% of this figure came from the online channel.

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