Launchmetrics launches visual content platform and invests in AI

Launchmetrics launches visual content platform and invests in AI

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One of the main objectives of the project is to reach out to smaller and emerging brands. “After the acquisition of DMR (last March), we realized that, among our 1,200 customers, 800 are companies with a turnover of between 2 and 50 million euros,” said Launchmetrics CEO Michael Jais about the target audience of the new tool.

“Up until now, we’ve focused mostly on sophisticated strategies to attract large companies, but we’ve been thinking about what we could offer to smaller companies with smaller budgets. Spotlight should allow SMEs to better understand trends in order to refine their strategies,” said the executive.

Concretely, the customers of the new platform will be able to more easily choose the media wherein to promote certain products or decide on the celebrities to whom to entrust their campaigns, for example. According to his explanations, the marketplace will keep features currently offered by Launchmetrics and will gather images from different collections, fashion shows, cosmetics or street style, among others. Emerging brands will also be able to make their own images available and the media will be able to select from the content that interests them.

Meanwhile, Launchmetrics will expand its core business: data. 

“We will be able to identify which prototypes are the most in demand, fashion week

Artificial intelligence to improve content creation

At the same time, the company also invested in the development of artificial intelligence technology for creative content analysis, intended to “optimize the performance of brands, media and content creators” by providing “insights” based on data that “improve content creation and consumer experience.”

Again, the amount of the investment has not been disclosed. “Our idea is to be able to identify which images work and which ones don’t in order to optimize creative investments,” clarified Jais. This is performance data that is highly sought after by brands, as he explained in a recent interview with

This tool should therefore facilitate access and analysis of images and videos by segment, color, texture and background and even “delimit the most effective storytellings”, which can range from a beauty routine tutorial to a video reviewing the performance of a cream.

“By determining whether they are adopting the right tone to address the right topics, brands will be able to improve their creative output and make the most appropriate investments,” argued the CEO of the company founded in 2016 following the merger of Fashion GPS and Augure.

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