Why LA Fashion Week has, for the most part, disappointed

Why LA Fashion Week has, for the most part, disappointed

Taken over this year by the event agency N4XT Experiences, and its president Ciarra Pardo, Fenty’s former creative director, the new edition of LA Fashion Week, renamed LAFW, promised an unprecedented event under the sign of beauty, technology and eco-responsibility. But on the ground, the event failed to impress. 

Revice Denim at LAFW

Although the event got off to a good start with an inaugural show orchestrated by Maxwell Osborne
Lacking in coherence, the selection of brands and designers, mixing lingerie, ready-to-wear and couture, raises questions. No major label on the program, except for the presence of Guess

The event attracted a large number of unknown brands, some sponsored by the Asian Journal group. These brands included Chris Nick or Francis Libiran, which seemed to have arrived at LAFW by the greatest of coincidences. Others brands came from Instagram

Delta Airlines made a collaboration with actress Issa Rae

Relying more on her New York network than the one she has in California, the president Ciarra Pardo, who lives in New York, managed to convince 3 New York labels to participate in the affair. AnOnlyChild, which seeks to develop its network of retailers in California, the lingerie brand Fleur du Mal which has a boutique in Los Angeles and came here to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and Gypsy Sport
Poorly represented, the brands created in Los Angeles or California could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Local denim specialist Shay Sudry’s brand Revice, did not get a standing ovation, while Sami Miro Vintage, with its creative and upcycled denim collection, saved the day with a collaboration and a film signed with Levi’s.
On the program, Delta Airlines got out attention for a moment, out of curiosity. In association with actress Issa Rae, the airline unveiled its first fashion collection. A curation rather than a collection the American actress, played stylist for the evening, composing a silhouette for the modern traveler made up with 6 independent brands. “A line for style and comfort” explained the company. One that should certainly not make fashion history.

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